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20/20 presenters

At “Gain” 2008, 20 designers responded to one of the following questions, from their unique perspective and in their own way, in just 60 seconds!
How do design and business intersect in your practice? 
What is your secret to success? 
How have you sustained your practice in a competitive marketplace? 
How do you win business?  
What is one most important business practice you could share?

20/20 presentations by:

  • Rodrigo Corral, founder, Rodrigo Corral Design
  • Moira Cullen, design director, Coca-Cola North America
  • Kristina DiMatteo, art director, Print magazine
  • Julia Hoffman, graphic designer
  • Kenna Kay, creative director, TV Land/MTV Networks
  • Michael Ian Kaye, founder, Mother Design
  • Chip Kidd, graphic designer and author
  • Josh Liberson and Ethan Trask, co-founders, Helicopter
  • Vernon Lockhart, founder and principal, Art on the Loose, Inc.
  • Christine Mau, associate director, packaging graphics, Kimberly Clark
  • Bryony Gomez Palacio and Armin Vit, co-founders, UnderConsideration
  • Bennett Peji, principal, Bennett Peji Design
  • Brian Rea, illustrator, The New York Times
  • Petter Ringbom, partner, Flat
  • Lisa Strausfeld, partner, Pentagram
  • Cheryl Swanson, founder, Toniq
  • Lucille Tenazas, founder and principal, Tenazas Design
  • Jakob Trollbäck, president and creative director, Trollbäck + Company
  • Khoi Vinh, design director,
  • Petrula Vrontikis, creative director, Vrontikis Design Office